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Our beef is processed at a local state inspected plant where it is dry-aged with an approximate 10-14 day hang time.  This concentrates the flavor and also tenderizes it by allowing the meat's natural enzymes to break down some of the connective tissues that make a tough steak.  It comes vacuum packed, weighed and labeled according to what cut of meat it is.

Our beef is sold by the quarter (approximately 125 pounds), half (approximately 250 pounds), whole (approximately 500 pounds) or by the cut! 

Whole - $6.00 per pound

Half side - $6.00 per pound

Quarter side - $6.00 per pound        AT THIS TIME- ONLY 1/4 COW IS AVAILABLE.

Tenderloin Steak (Filet Mignon)       $18.00 per pound​​

Ribeyes                                                       14.00 per pound

NY Strip                                                       14.00 per pound

Sirloin                                                          10.00 per pound

London Broil                                               9.00 per pound

Roasts                                                            6.00 per pound

Cube Steak                                                   6.00 per pound

Stew Beef                                                      6.00 per pound

Short ribs                                                      6.00 per pound

Ground beef                                                5.50 per pound

For example, if the quarter is 125 pounds, you would get:

2 - 2 pack Beef tenderloin

4 - 2 pack NY Strip

3 - 2 pack Ribeyes

6 - packs Sirloin

2 - pack London Broil

3 - 4 Roasts

8 Cube steak

8 Stew Beef

6 Ribs

60-65 Hamburger (or the amount to get to 125 lbs)


Note:  Each animal is unique so this total weight could vary.

Please call 704-272-9098 or Valerie's cell 704-221-5227 for more info or to place an order.
Deposit may be required.
Also available at Union County Farmer's Market on Saturdays 8-12.
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