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About Us

Having been born on a farm in Union County, I have raised cattle my entire life.  I received a bachelor's degree in Animal Science from NC State University.  My husband is a farrier (he shoes horses) and helps with raising cattle on the side.  Our cattle are extremely well cared for.  My husband jokingly says he would like to be one of my cows because they are so spoiled.  We have two children who really enjoy our animals as well.  Fortunately, one of their favorite foods is steak.  Some of my favorite beef recipes can be found on the recipes page.  I am blessed to be able to feed my kids healthy beef and the opportunity to live on our beautiful farm.

Why Natural Beef?

No hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products are used to raise our quality beef.  We practice rotational grazing to provide healthy pastures year round.

We Raise Our Own...


We raise mainly Angus cows along with some Herefords.  Our bulls are either Angus or Angus/Simmental cross.  Crossbreeding provides the ability to combine the strengths of the various breeds used to form the cross.  This allows us to have more efficient, well-rounded calves.

Our Cattle are fed only the best...

In the winter, we also provide quality hay, grown and harvested by us.  Our cattle are supplemented just prior to harvesting with small amounts of natural feed (no corn) to enhance the beef's flavor and marbling.  This creates a delicious, tender product for consumers to enjoy.


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